Peoria Camera Shop

Real cameras at a real camera shop. Serving Central Illinois for all its photographic needs since 1937. Located in the Metro Centre.


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Taken By: Travis Carlson

There aren’t many rules to photography. However there are some guidelines you could follow to improve some of your skills. Composition is essential to creating great images. Having some guidelines for composition can help you create more interesting images. Check out this article Guide to Composition, to help you properly compose your images!

Guide to Composition


Author: Peoria Camera Shop

Since 1937, Peoria Camera has been serving Central Illinois for all it’s photographic needs. At Peoria Camera in the Metro Centre we offer the customer the latest photography equipment. We have the knowledge and proper accessories to help in choosing the camera that’s right for you. We have a selection of self-help books and DVDs and we offer several photography-based classes. We carry several models of cameras from the most popular and best known manufacturers to choose from and all the cool accessories to go with them. Our in-house lab can print any size and many different gifts from any media and our digital print bar and online printing app are user friendly for ordering your digital prints. There’s no better place to buy your camera and to meet all your photographic needs. Peoria Camera in the Metro Centre, Peoria, Illinois.

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